A Survival Adventure Game in VR.

"In the last official radio broadcast they said that scientists found out that it's a fungus which turns human beings into those things. They weren't able to find a cure, but most of the population was probably already infected or dead by then anyway.
When all this started, the government build safety camps - which turned out to be even more dangerous than the outside. Those who survived the initial outbreak and the safety camp tragedies, tend to live alone or in small groups. Most cities are overrun by the infected. A few people try to build communities which are surrounded by huge walls, but usually those communities don't last very long... Even if they succesfully block out the infected, the real danger is often already inside."

By BehindVR. contact@danielkorgel.com or @DakorVR
Shooting passages based on my Virtual Reality Cover Shooter code base.

In-Game 360° Screenshot of the hideout (wip)